52 ancestors in 52 wks – wk 3 Namesake

My father’s name is Herman Charles Andrews (1923-2004)

My maternal grandfather is Carl W. Lange (1865-1954), then Charles W Lang when he immigrated to the US. His son, my uncle, is Charles T Lang (1909-1980), and his son, my 1C, is Charles F Lang (1931-1995).

There is also a Charles on my maternal grandmother’s side, her brother, Charles L. Schroeder (1868-1937), and her father, Carl L Schroder (1840-1906)

So, one day when I was a teenager, I asked my parents, “Who was my Namesake?” Their reply was, “No one; we just liked the name, Charles.”

When I asked my parents, I only had a curiosity to know my Namesake without a genealogical emphasis or goal. But now, I want to know more, especially as I did not ask my father about his middle name, Charles, and if it had a connection to a family member.

I checked my father’s maternal family side, and there is no “Charles.” and on his paternal side, well, it just may be a clue to the brick wall, the NPE that is my father’s grandfather, my great grandfather. Hopefully, that will be the subject of a future blog.